Jameson Hubbs

Project Management | Design | Fabrication

SF Bay Area, California

Lead Artist

The Brain Cell Bell

Introducing the world’s first musical instrument designed to sit inside of

First created in 2017, the Brain Cell Bell is an invention of sorts that combines the steel tongue drum with a simple bell design that provides an immersive experience that brings people together through play, relaxation, and creative expression.

The notes of the instrument are in the same scale and arranged to guide anyone to drop into a flow state regardless of musical training.

This piece has been well received at a variety of events ranging from festivals to block parties because it offers attendees a highly accessible form of play that facilitates social connection and de-escalates anxiety.

While some activations include Jameson offering direct sound baths and light guidance to participants, the real magic of this piece rests in the spontaneous play that arises for those who wander past this peculiar public musical instrument and add their expression to the environment.

Genius Drums

Business owner and maker of handcrafted steel tongue drums since 2016 | geniusdrums.us

The Infinitree

Temporary installation featuring tactile bass chambers and interactive instruments, commissioned by the city of North Hollywood for an open streets event in 2018

Floating Sound Temple

Interactive environment commissioned by the 2017 Oregon Eclipse Festival


Modeling in SketchUp and Rhino, with rendering done with V-Ray and Enscape

The Sonarium

Proposed for 2023 Burning Man Honorarium program, currently under review by selection committee


Permanent public installation proposed for the city of Glendale in 2021

Synaesthetic Resonance

Floating environment commissioned by Global Eclipse Festival for their 2020 event in Patagonia, cancelled due to the pandemic

Support Roles

Looking Up Arts Foundation

Fabricator, onsite installation, and project coordinator | 2022 – present (gig based) | lookinguparts.org

Davis McCarty Studios

Fabrication assistant and onsite installation | 2021 – 2022 | DavisMcCarty.com